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Bangladesh VoIP Business

The Bangladesh telecoms regulator, the BTRC is set to impose a fine equivalent to US$50 per SIM card that is used for illegal VoIP services. The regulator said that it had observed an increase in VoIP traffic for international calls from people using unregistered SIM cards. According to the regulator, 41 per cent illegal VoIP traffic was routed over the Banglalink network followed by state owned Teletalk (38%), Airtel (18%), BTCL and Robi Axita both with 1% each. The regulator will be imposign the fine on the mobile networks, who should be verifying the identity of each SIM card purchaser prior to activation. It is estimated that the country receives almost 55-60 million minutes international call a day, of with 50 million minutes comes via licensed connections and the rest via illegal SIM Boxes and VoIP traffic. The regulator is just waiting final approval from the government before it starts imposing the fines.

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Bangladesh Credit Card

An individual should consider the following points while applying for a Bangladesh credit card: Universal acceptance: Look for a credit card that is globally acceptable. International credit cards are particularly important for people who travel frequently to foreign countries, such as businessmen, sportspersons, political figures and celebrities. There are no extra charges for owning an international credit card. Rewards program: Most credit card issuers offer a range of reward programs, such as air miles, cash back and shopping bonuses. Analyze your purchasing habits and then select an appropriate rewards program. Annual fees: Look for a credit card with no annual fees. Mostly, standard and gold credit cards do not attract an annual fee, unlike their premier versions. Interest rates: Research the market thoroughly for lower interest rates. Remember, most banks write their annual percentage rate (APR) in per month figures. In 2009, the Bangladeshi government withdrew the source tax applicable on credit card usage. According to expert opinion, this step will provide an essential thrust to foreign investment in the financial sector and will promote credit card transactions in the nation as well.

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